Membership Requirements

Applicants must meet each of the following requirements to be considered for membership:


  • already be placed in Pointe 2, regularly attending regular ballet classes a minimum of three days per week

  • already have and seriously intend to maintain a strong focus, consistent regular class and rehearsal attendance

  • adhere to all rules, policies, and procedures of Ballet Petit

  • be committed to attend all Junior Company sessions from beginning to end each time

  • agree to request by email to Miss Peggy, 3-7 days in advance, to be excused only for extremely important matters (It is expected that there will be none to two or fewer EXCUSED absences and/or illness absences. 2014-15 graduates will be granted one additional excused absence to be used only for verifiable/official graduation activities.) Early departures will count as an absence. Sessions end at 7:00 p.m.

  • be responsible for knowing all rehearsal and performance schedules, special requirements, etc.

  • pay annual membership of $275.00 when applying.

  • always attempt exemplary behavior before all Ballet Petit staff, students, families, and guests

  • participate in Ballet Petit service-learning as requested

  • satisfactory completion of this application


All Junior Company members must adhere to these criteria in order to retain membership. Failure to maintain one or more of the standards set forth here will be cause for a variety of sanctions ranging from casting deletions to dismissal from the Junior Company. Under most circumstances reapplication will not be possible until the open application period the following August. Dancers will be dismissed following their third absence, so it is wise to consider your other priorities and commitments when you apply here.