Junior Company

It is our hope at Ballet Petit to provide our students with a well rounded ballet curriculum. An important aspect of this curriculum is that of the performance realm. Ballet Petit invites its more serious and skilled dancers to focus specifically on various aspects of the performance experience through full participation in the Junior Company.


The Junior Company is a place for serious students to further study their art. Junior Company members will learn more about traditional ballet repertoire, stage make-up, costuming, various composers, famous ballet companies, etc. Members will explore a variety of choreography - traditional, famous, and experimental. Members will also have the opportunity of creating pieces themselves. Field trips to professional performances, often models of master choreography and performance, will be scheduled as appropriate.

The Junior Company serves as the core of Ballet Petit's performance group and will have the opportunity to perform several times each year in a variety of settings. All members are expected to participate fully in all performances and activities of the Junior Company.